"Jazz has had many forms and styles. Singer and composer Lola Danza is leading an intriguing new area of exploration in the music, blending classical and rock music with improvisation in her dramatic compositions. Floating and full of meaning, her voice is an intuitive instrument that blends mellifluously with her impressionistic, visionary and emotional music."-- (All About JazzSimon Harper)

"Lola Danza-- The adventurous Singer/Composer, whose patiently flowing voice evokes atmospheres from the ethereal to the ominous”—(Boston Globe)


"With a stunning voice that elongates words and phrases with almost ethereal clarity, Danza follows her own muse stylistically, preferring the spare and airy to the busy and hot."

"Lola Danza gives hope to the future of Jazz."

- The Boston Herald - Bob Young

"Lola Danza is a part of a new breed of jazz singer writing original material and experimenting. And she has the chops to pull it off."

- The Boston Phoenix - John Garelick

Dear Friends,
I am so happy to announce a very special TV interview I did for Brooklyn Independent TV. Please watch it on my press page! :) We filmed at guitar and piano heaven-- the Gibson Showrooms here in Manhattan. Special thanks to Baldwin Pianos for lending me their beautiful baby grand. Thank you Jim and Suzanne at Gibson Showrooms for being so incredible. Special thanks to TV producer Pan Hsuan-Yu also Camera man Joe Pacheco for doing such a great job. Please watch it on my press page!
P.S. New shows will be posted soon! I've got a whole new project that I think you're gonna love!
Lots of love- Lola Danza



Dear Friends--
Wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the drom gig on 9.26.2012. We had an amazing time debuting our new electronic music with strings project.
Please read the interview that All About Jazz did on the project by Michael Bailey: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=42978#.UGurrJjA-XM.
I hope that you'll enjoy it. Stay tuned for more amazing news! And please visit our "photos" page as there are new photos up!
Much Love- Lola Danza


Dear Friends,
So many blessings this year-- we made it in the Top 50 Downloads of 2011-- My album "Vision Quest" ranked 8th place out of 50 next to my heroes Bill Frisell, his album 9th place and Phil Woods who ranked 7th!
Time Out NYC mentioned my group as "Billed as purveyors of "Modern Korean shamanic music," Janya comprises four Korean gals who mix traditional Sinawi music (very spare, delicate tones) with expressive, English vocals. Imagine Kate Bush singing with Alice Coltrane, in Korea. Pretty cool."
I was also featured as the new star in Jazz Japan (formerly known as the Swing Journal). Please feel free to visit the article here: http://evolverrecords.com/images/jazzjapan.jpg
We hope that you all can make it out to the Drom (85 Avenue A NYC, NY 10009 212.777.1157) on Friday, January 6th 2012 at 9pm. Tickets at the door are $15 and $10 in advance. For tickets please visit:http://www.dromnyc.com/events/1221/apap-showcase-janya Much love- Lola Danza

We were also featured in the Jazz Times this month-- this is a great article-- well worth the read!-- http://jazztimes.com/community/articles/29241-world-janya-build-on-traditional-korean-shamanic-music





Dear Friends-
If you missed our Kennedy Performance-- here's a youtube video of it.
I also did a wonderful interview in Washington D.C. that just came out!
I've been in the studio recording a few different albums.
We'll be releasing one very soon! Stay tuned for more details!
Much love- Lola Danza